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MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                              PRESENTER(S)

December                      Steam in the British Isles - main line & industrial 1963 - 1970        Tony Bowles

November                      Last days of SR steam & the 'Withered Arm' in diesel days           Bill Chapman

September                     Modelling a small brewery layout based on Horninglow Wharf      Dave Wright & Dave Richards

October                         Pre-1968 British steam                                                                    John Dagley-Morris

September                     A 5th Colour-Rail journey                                                                Paul Chancellor

August                           UK railway photography the digital way - heritage & modern        John Bagshaw

July                                1978 -  that was the year that was                                                  Les Nixon

June                               Annual Railway Quiz                                                                       Chris Eaton & Dave Hook

May                                Atlantic Coast Express, Salop, North East & New Zealand           Michael Clemens

April                               The 1960s in black-and-white                                                        Ian Krause

March                            Illustrated tour of signalling & signals in and around Burton          Dave Harris

February                        Engines I have known: Part 2                                                         Dave Fleming

February                        PSoV 2015                                                                                      Dave Richards & Karl Jauncey

January                         Forty years of railway photography                                                John Calton

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MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                           PRESENTER(S)

December                      Plymouth to Exeter in BR days & the current scene                    Richard Binding

November                      Engines I have known: Part 1                                                      Dave Fleming

November                      My working days: Marshalling yards                                           Michael Carrier

November                      Around South Yorkshire & North Derbyshire                                Les Nixon

October                          Ireland & the Isle of Man systems in steam days passed           David Mitchell

September                     Engine sheds: Part 10 Ryde - Stoke                                            Chris Banks

August                           1991 and onwards                                                                        Roger Jones

July                                 Midlands' diesels, electrics & steam over the last 20 years        Phil Grain

June                               Annual Railway Quiz                                                                    Chris Eaton & Dave Hook

May                                Bulleid Pacifics                                                                            Colin Boocock

April                                A fourth Colour-Rail journey                                                        Paul Chancellor

March                             Railways in the Yorkshire landscape                                           Stephen Gay

February                         PSoV 2014                                                                                   Dave Richards & Karl Jauncey

January                           Firing days at Retford 36E                                                          Terry Curzon

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MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                           PRESENTER(S)

December                      A tribute to Paul Riley: Part 2                                                      Tony Bowles

November                      A railwayman and steam                                                             Michael Carrier

November                      1960's railways within an imaginary M25                                    David Cross

October                          Pennistone to Nottingham Victoria via bits in between               Mike Eggenton

September                     Modelling: Tunnels, viaducts, bridges & structures                    David Wright

September                     The Cromford & High Peak Railway in working days                  John Moreton

August                           Video footage in the year so far                                                   Graham Briggs

July                                UK railway photography - the digital way                                    John Bagshaw

June                               Annual Quiz                                                                                 Chris Eaton & Dave Hook

May                                The history of Toton Mashalling Yards                                         Brian Amos & Phil Burton

April                                Return of Wardle's Dawdle - The Ticknall Tramway

April                                Ciné films of Jim Clemens and his son                                       Mike Clemens

March                             My & Stan Needham's slides                                                      Mark Ratcliffe

March                             East Midlands & Great Central area in the late 60s                    Bill Chapman

February                        Preserved Steam on Video 2012                                                 Dave Richards & Karl Jauncey

January                          A walk around Burton Loco Shed                                                Dave Fleming

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MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                            PRESENTER(S)

December                      A tribute to Paul Riley: Part 1                                                        Tony Bowles

November                      A Colour-Rail journey                                                                    Paul Chancellor

October                          Engine sheds: Part 9 Peterborough to Rugby                              Chris Banks

September                     Today's railways: Part 2                                                                Adam Crick

September                     John Proctor - A lifetime in steam                                                 Dave Richards

August                           The North Staffs in LMS days                                                        Basil Jeuda

July                                Plan & progress on the construction of a un-rebuilt Patriot           John Hastings-Thomson

                                       locomotive to be named 'The Unknown Warrior'

June                               Modelling: Painting the back scene                                              David Wright

June                               Annual Quiz                                                                                   Peter Baumgartner

May                                Picture postcard railway rambles                                                  Stephen Gay

April                               Local scenes in the days of steam                                                Ken Woolley & Paul Waterfield

March                            Aspects of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway                             Martin Nield

March                            Life with a Pentax 67                                                                      Peter Skelton

February                        Preserved Steam on Video 2012                                                   Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                         Lost, re-opened and preserved lines                                             Jon Turner & Bob Smythe

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MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                           PRESENTER(S)

December                      Paul Riley - The early years                                                         Tony Bowles & Mike Squire

November                      Eastleigh Works                                                                           Colin Boocock

October                                                                                                                              John Whiteley

September                                                                                                                          Malcolm Crick

September                     Spain                                                                                            Peter Gray

August                           Steaming through Britain                                                              Graham Briggs

July                                                                                                                                     Richard Binding

June                               Landscape modelling                                                                  David Wright

June                               Annual Railway Quiz 

May                                Steam tracked back: 1967 - 1960                                                Richard Inwood & Mike Smith

May                                                                                                                                     Leon Powsney & Alf Molyneux

April                              Canklow to Cape Town                                                                 Mike Eggenton

March                           Decades of steam: 1971 - 1991                                                    Roger Jones

February                       Preserved Steam on Video 2011                                                   Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                                                                                                                               Mike Clemens


Click here for a PDF of the 2012 Meeting Reports


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                   PRESENTER(S)

December                      45 years of railway photography                                                          Les Nixon

November                      A fourth evening with father's slides: Paddington to the West             David Cross

October                          Behind the scenes with the 1970s-1900s support crews                    Rob Tibbets

September                     Today's railways                                                                                   Adam Crick

September                     The Midland through the Peak & Buxton to New Mills                         John Morten

August                            Lost railways of Leicestershire                                                            Rodger Smith

July                                 UK railway photography: the digital way                                            John Bagshaw

June                                                                                                                                            David Court & Mike Notley

June                               Annual Railway Quiz 

May                                Visit to East Midlands Train Maintenance Depot, Etches Park, Derby 

May                                Landscape railway modelling                                                              David Wright

May                                Picture postcard railway rambles                                                        Stephen Gay

April                                British engine sheds: part 8 (Trafford Park to Perth)                           Chris Banks

March                                                                                                                                         Mark Coney

March                             Now and then                                                                                      Ken Horan

February                         Preserved Steam on Video 2010                                                         Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                           North Staffordshire steam: Macclesfield - Uttoxeter                           Les Henshaw

Click here for a PDF of the 2011 Meeting Reports


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                          PRESENTER(S)

November                       In retrospect                                                                               Roger Jones

October                           Five decades of railway photography                                       John Whiteley

September                      A second helping of Malcolm's locally-based slides                 Malcolm Crick

September                      The West Country in the 1960s                                                  Peter Gray

August                            Steaming through Britain                                                           Graham Briggs

July                                 Steam in the UK                                                                         Robert Falconer

June                               An evening with Mike Notley and David Court 

June                               Annual Railway Quiz                                                                   Dave Hook

June                               Modelling - Painting and weathering buildings                           David Wright

May                                Byways around Britain                                                                 David Mitchell

April                                Forty years of photographs                                                         David Walker

March                             Moved by Steam                                                                         Mike Smith & Richard Inwood

March                             Beware of engines!                                                                     John Hunt

February                         Preserved Steam on Video 2009                                                Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                          Along Midland lines                                                                    Rob Foxon

Click here for a PDF of the 2010 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       A thousand eggs on a bicycle                                                                 Colin Boocock

November                       The Hope Valley route in the transition period from steam to diesel        Brian Staniland

October                           A further evening with father's slides                                                       David Cross

September                      Slides of the local area and scrap yards nationwide                               Malcolm Crick

September                      All trains great and small                                                                          Dennis Lovett

August                            Lost railways of Derbyshire                                                                       Geoffrey Kingscott

July                                 The North Briton Rail Tour and preserved locomotives of the LMS          Alan Price

June                                How to construct scale buildings for your model railway                         David Wright

June                                Annual Railway Quiz                                                                                 Dave Hook

May                                 Woodhead - the lost railway                                                                     Stephen Gay

April                                Steam engine sheds "I to M" excluding London                                       Chris Banks

March                             A second helping of Richard's slides                                                       Richard Binding

March                             A selection of films from the British Transport Collection                          Alan Willmott

February                         Preserved Steam on Video 2008                                                              Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                          The dragon's dying breath - steam in China                                             Ken Horan

Click here for a PDF of the 2009 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       Steam on ciné in the 50s and 60s                                                            Mike Clemens

November                       Railways in the Peak District                                                                    Les Nixon

October                           20 years of mainline steam                                                                      Malcolm Ranieri

September                      Southern steam in the south and west                                                     Peter Gray

August                            Steaming through Britain                                                                          Graham Briggs & Derek Penney

July                                  Is the Master Cutler a South Yorkshireman?                                            Martin Bromley

June                                Annual Railway Quiz                                                                                 Dave Hook

May                                 Industrial steam around Northwest Leicestershire & South Derbyshire   David Webb

April                                Recent railway accidents                                                                          Rev Miles Mitson

April                                The four regions 'namers' show                                                                Alan Sainty

March                             Signal boxes                                                                                              Richard Binding

March                             The Leslie Howard Collection                                                                    Michael Harvey

February                         Preserved Steam on Video 2007                                                               Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                          Railway films of Britain and China                                                              Les Henshaw

Click here for a PDF of the 2008 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       BR traction in the Deltic era 1961 – 1981                                                 Hugh Ballantyne

November                       Eric Edwards' photographs around Burton                                              Peter Williams

November                       BR steam in the final years                                                                       Derek Huntriss

October                           More of father's slides: an LMS miscellany                                              David Cross

September                      BR steam 1962-68                                                                                    Roger Jones/Mark Ratcliffe

August                            Bulleid Pacifics                                                                                          Bob Goodman

July                                 The lost railways of Nottinghamshire                                                         Geoffrey Kingscott

June                               Annual Railway Quiz                                                                                  Dave Hook

May                                The collector's mix                                                                                     Gavin Lake

April                                Pre-preservation and early days of the Severn Valley Railway                 Alan Longdon

March                             Loco sheds of London                                                                              Chris Banks

February                         Brewery railway slides                                                                              Peter Williams

February                         Preserved Steam on Video 2006                                                              Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                          Railways remembered                                                                              Rob Foxon

Click here for a PDF of the 2007 Meeting Reports


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      1967-1977: The transition years                                                                Mike Squires

November                       Eric Edwards' photographs in and around Burton                                   Peter Williams

November                       The A - Z of railways                                                                                 Les Nixon

October                          45 years of steam in colour                                                                       Derek Smith

September                      Rails around Wales                                                                                   Peter Gray

August                             My adventures with "Classic Steam"                                                        Richard Derry

July                                  Steaming through Britain                                                                         Graham Briggs

June                                Annual Railway Quiz                                                                                 Dave Hook

May                                 Steam in the 1960s – the end and the beginning                                     Ray Read

April                                 Engines I have known                                                                              Dave Fleming

March                              50 years of railway photography: Part II                                                  Gavin Morrison

February                          Preserved Steam on Video 2005                                                             Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                           BR in steam days 1950-1968                                                                   Alan Willmot

Click here for a PDF of the 2006 Meeting Reports


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      The Last Post                                                                                            Les Henshaw

November                      The Peak Line in the early days of steam and diesel                               Brian Staniland

October                          A further helping of father's slides                                                            David Cross

September                     Two videos of steam locos                                                                        John Purdie

September                     Story of the Euro Tunnel: its construction and operation                          Richard Storer

August                            The story of the Sandringham Class LNER B17s                                     Bob Goodman

July                                 From Pullman to Pendolino                                                                       Bill Devitt

June                               Annual Railway Quiz                                                                                 Dave Hook

May                                Main and preserved lines                                                                         John Bagshaw

April                               Transport in the Burton area - railways and buses                                    Philip Stanbridge

March                             BR North West - motive power from the 1970s to privatisation                Tom Heavyside

February                         A review of main line steam in 2004                                                         Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                          Railways remembered                                                                              Rob Foxon

Click here for a PDF of the 2005 Meeting Reports


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      A tour of the London sheds                                                                       Peter Groom

November                      The railways of Scotland                                                                            Les Nixon

October                         Steam days in West and North Devon                                                       Peter Gray

September                     Irish railways in the days of steam                                                            Tom Ferris

August                           "Steam Video" Magazine 2004                                                                  Graham Briggs

July                                Annual Railway Quiz                                                                                 Dave Hook

June                               Lord Willoughby's Railway - the Edenham Branch                                   Rod Pearson

May                               The Barrow Hill Roundhouse Project                                                         Mervyn Allcock

April                              General transport films with a local theme                                                Don Garner

March                           Railways in the North West                                                                        Rob Foxon

February                       A review of main line steam in 2003                                                          Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                         Locomotives under his care                                                                      Brell Ewart

No reports available



MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       Engine sheds                                                                                           Chris Banks

November                       Fireworks with Mr Colour-Rail                                                                   Ron White

October                          The LNER Pacifics                                                                                    Peter Townend

September                      The B1 story with particular reference to 61264                                       Mike Cobley

August                            A video presentation including main and preserved lines                        Graham Briggs

July                                 The Bass railway trips                                                                               Rod Pearson

June                               Annual Railway Quiz                                                                                  Dave Hook

May                                Wanderings from Wellingborough                                                             Ken Fairey

April                               The Alf Moss Collection (Burton Area Railways)                                        Philip Stanbridge

March                             An evening with father's slides                                                                  David Cross

February                        A review of main line steam in 2002                                                          Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                          A New Year programme of archive film                                                     Rob Foxon

Click here for a PDF of the 2003 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      Great Western steam in BR days                                                              Hugh Ballantyne

November                      A silk purse from a sow's ear                                                                     Les Nixon

October                          Exe Valley and East Devon                                                                       Peter Gray

September                     Best of 35mm slides worldwide                                                                Peter Skelton

August                            A grinder to town                                                                                      Martin Bromley

July                                 On track for Pandora's Box                                                                      Stuart Smith

June                               Annual Railway Quiz                                                                                 Dave Hook

May                                Forty years of railways in Robin Hood Country                                        David Amos

April                               1960s steam around Britain                                                                      David Mitchell

March                             50-years of railway slides                                                                         Gavin Morrison

February                         A review of main line steam in 2001                                                         Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                          Archive railway footage                                                                             Les Henshaw

Click here for a PDF of the 2002 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       Freight today and yesterday                                                                    John Spencer-Gilks

November                       Holidays by rail to Blackpool and the Fylde                                             Barry McLoughlin

October                           From amateur spotter to professional photter                                          John Stretton

September                      Slides of the local area                                                                             Gordon Coltas

August                            The A1 Project                                                                                          Bob Alderman

July                                 Annual Railway Quiz                                                                                 Dave Hook

June                                Murders along the line                                                                             Cliffe Wrate

May                                 Railway nostalgia around Bedfordshire                                                   David Eatwell

April                                Diary of a trainspotter                                                                               Michael Harvey

March                             The LMS in Ireland                                                                                    Tom Ferris

February                         A review of main line steam in 2000                                                         Dave Richards & Karl Jauncey

January                           A programme of archive films                                                                  Rob Foxon

​​​Click here for a PDF of the 2001 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       The latest additions to the Colour-Rail Collection                                    Ron White

November                        A narrow gauge spectacular                                                                   Les Nixon

October                           Transport in the 60s with a local flavour                                                  John Ireland

September                       Steam in Cornwall                                                                                   Peter Gray

August                             Present day steam in Britain and Poland                                                Chris Smith

July                                  The Great Train Robbery                                                                         Cliffe Wrate

June                                 Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                      Chris Eaton

May                                  LMS Royal Scots                                                                                     Bob Goodman

April                                 Burton area prints                                                                                    Pat Webb

April                                 Steam in the Midlands                                                                             Peter Groom

March                              Steam - home and away                                                                          Ken Horan

February                          A review of main line steam in 1999                                                        Karl Jauncey & Dave Richards

January                            Railway operations in the 1950s and 60s                                               Trevor Owen

Click here for a PDF of the 2000 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       Millennium Celebration: Burton in the past                                              K Woolley, P Waterfield & R Jeffcoat

November                       Steam in the Sixties                                                                                  Fred Butler

October                          Charter trains and VIP specials                                                                John Spencer-Gilkes

September                      Medium format miscellany                                                                       Peter Skelton

August                            Photograph competition results 

July                                 Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                       Chris Eaton

June                               Men of all sorts ran the railway                                                                  Richard Hardy

May                                Along the Great Central from Marylebone                                                Tommy Tomalin

April                                Steam on shed – Code D & Eastleigh                                                      Chris Banks

March                             More ciné films                                                                                          Bill Garbutt

March                             Branch lines with bacon and egg                                                             Hugh Davis

February                         A review of main line steam in 1998                                                         PSOV

January                          Southern Region steam                                                                             Trevor Owen

Click here for a PDF of the 1999 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       All aboard the Pines Express – Bath to Bournemouth                             Chris Youett

November                       North East across to the North West                                                        Bill Garbutt

November                       Trains in the snow                                                                                     Les Nixon

October                           Stanier Jubilees 1934-1967                                                                      Bob Goodman

October                           A visit to the Brush Works Lougborough  

September                      A visit to the Bluebell Railway 

September                      Rail freight traffic in the Burton area                                                           Phil Eames

September                      On my bike in search of industrial steam                                                   Tim Jeffcoat

August                            Personal railway reminiscences                                                                 Bob Essery

July                                 Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                         Chris Eaton

June                                A running-shed apprenticeship at Stratford                                               Stan Hinbest

May                                 Stratford, the human revolution as DMPS 1959-1963                                 Richard Hardy

April                                 A journey along the GC: Part 1 Sheffield to Cleethorpes                           David Webb

March                              A railway trip around the Midlands                                                             Bill Garbutt

March                              South Devon railways in the days of steam                                                Peter Gray

February                          A review of main line steam in 1997                                                           PSOV

January                           An evening with the LMS Film Unit                                                              Rob Foxon

Click here for a PDF of the 1998 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      Steam on the Western and Southern Regions                                          Trevor Owen

November                      Latest offerings from the Colour-Rail Collection                                        Ron White

October                          Modern traction in the local area                                                              Phil Eames

October                          Strong Country connections – Southern steam in the 60s                       Hugh Ballantyne

September                     British steam in the 60s – railways in south Derbyshire                            Robin Jeffcoat

August                           30th anniversary of the closure of the Burton brewery railways                Phil Stanbridge

July                                 Days on the footplate                                                                               Colin Jacks

June                               Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                       Chris Eaton

May                                Days at Stewarts Lane                                                                              Richard Hardy

April                               The last 25 years of world steam                                                               Colin Garratt

April                               Fall and rise of British steam (1964-1968 & 1968-1996)                           Ralph Ward

March                            BR steam in action                                                                                     Malcolm Ranieri

February                        A review of main line steam in 1996                                                          PSOV

January                         Railway company and private branch lines around Burton                       Cliff Shepherd

Click here for a PDF of the 1997 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       BR steam in action on the main line                                                        Trevor Owen

November                       A railway enthusiast in the tropics                                                            Les Nixon

October                          Up the main, down the junction                                                                Graham Morgan

September                      Railways of Burton upon Trent in the 1960s                                             Robin Jeffcoat

August                            A Welsh tour                                                                                             Martin Bromley

July                                 Days at Woodford Halse (1949)                                                               Richard Hardy

June                               Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                       Chris Eaton

May                                Days at Burton Shed (17B)                                                                       Dave Fleming

April                                Railways remembered – cinema centenary                                             Rob Foxon

March                             Steam miscellany including archive and local scenes                             Ken Woolley

February                         A review of main line steam 1995PSOV

January                          Steam in the 1960s including the Bass system                                         Ray Read

Click here for a PDF of the 1996 Meeting Reports.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      Archive ciné                                                                                              John McCann

November                      Local archive: South Africa and Freight on preserved lines                     Phil Waterfield

October                          Modern history: early years of the preserved Great Central                    Stanford Jacobs

September                     Films: archive and preservation                                                                Chris Pratt

August                           Railways in the steam age                                                                         Les Henshaw

July                                A Scottish and Welsh tour                                                                         Martin Bromley

June                               Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                        Chris Eaton

May                               Locomotive sheds A to C                                                                           Chris Banks

April                               LNW&GN Joint Railway – Market Harborough to Nottingham                   Robin Cullup

March                            Railways remembered – the 1940s                                                            Rob Foxon

February                        A review of main line steam 1994                                                              PSOV

January                         View from a balloon: Canada, Norfolk, Cross City Line, Class 60s            Robin Matthams

No reports available.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      1950s and 60s in steam                                                                            John McCann

November                       Latest 300 slides from the Colour-Rail Collection                                     Ron White

October                           Railway photographs worldwide                                                              Les Nixon

September                      LMS locomotives to 8P                                                                             Hugh Ballantyne

August                            Great Central in the 1960s                                                                        Brian Healey

July                                 Newton replicas – nameplate manufacturing “Gone with regret”             David Newton

June                               Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                        Chris Eaton

May                                LMS and LNER locomotives                                                                      Chris Banks

April                               Steam miscellany – Stourpaine, S&C, Barry Docks, preserved FR trains  David Putt

March                             BR in transition                                                                                           Colin Boocock

February                         A review of main line steam in 1993                                                          PSOV

January                          The Wirksworth branch; line to Skye; and New Zealand                            Les Henshaw

No reports available.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      The Lickey Incline                                                                                     Rob Foxon

November                      Isle of Man and Photo Charter freights                                                     Chris Milner

October                          Archive steam slides                                                                                David Webb

September                     Preserved steam on the main line                                                            Bob Green

August                           17B Burton shed                                                                                       Dave Fleming

July                                Dave’s slides of steam in BR days                                                            Dave Richards

June                               Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                       Chris Eaton

May                               BR and Irish railway miscellany                                                                 Chris Banks

April                               Locomotives of the Brush Company                                                        G Toms

March                            Steam in the BR era                                                                                  Roger Siviter

February                        A review of main line steam 1992                                                             PSOV

January                         Desborough Co-op Railway and sheds in the 1930s                                Rob Foxon

No reports available.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      1950s and 60s steam                                                                               John McCann

November                      30 years of railway photography                                                              Les Nixon

October                          Large format slides of preserved steam                                                  Steve Kirk

September                     BR steam – the final years                                                                        David Webb

August                           The ‘Knotty’ – North Staffordshire Railway                                                Basil Jeuda

July                                Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                       Chris Eaton

June                               Personal memories of Burton: The changing face of railways                 David Fletcher

May                                Locomotives of the LMS                                                                           Chris Banks

April                               The re-opening of the Ivanhoe and Robin Hood lines                              Stuart Smith

March                            Romance of railways (2)                                                                            Robin Matthews

February                       A review of main line steam 1991                                                              PSOV

January                         Burton’s brewery railways                                                                          Phil Stanbridge

No reports available.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       The LNER                                                                                                 Rob Foxon

November                       Steam on the main line 1990 and 1991                                                    David Groves

October                           Slides of LNER locomotives                                                                     Keith Pirt

September                      Steam in the 1960s                                                                                   Brian Healey

August                            Steam in the Derby - Nottingham area in the 1950s                                 Frank Ashley

July                                 Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                       Chris Eaton

June                                L&SWR – London to Exeter                                                                      Martin Bromley

May                                Irish railways                                                                                             Colin Boocock

Apri                                 Ciné of preserved steam                                                                          Ken Plowman

March                             Romance of railways (1)                                                                           Robin Matthews

February                        Steam on the main line 1990                                                                     PSOV

January                          Freight in the North East in steam days                                                    Ray Hammond

No reports available.



MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       The Lickey Incline                                                                                    TUA Film Services

November                       Railway roundabout films                                                                         Ken Plowman

October                           Railways around Burton                                                                           Nelson Twells

September                      Preserved steam on ciné                                                                          David Groves

August                            Annual Fun Quiz                                                                                       Chris Eaton

July                                 Tales of a BR passenger guard                                                                Martin Bromley

June                                Peak Rail video                                                                                        David & Hilary Barratt

May                                 An LMS miscellany                                                                                   Nelson Twells

April.                               Birmingham Railway Museum, Tyseley                                                     Brian Wilkinson

March                             Teddy Boston’s films (2)                                                                             Audrey Boston

February                         Brewery railways and ciné of the Tutbury Jinny                                        Phil Stanbridge

January                           Tales of 17B                                                                                               Dave Fleming

No reports available.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      Midland 150                                                                                              Rob Foxon

November                      His life and times                                                                                       Michael Draper

October                          Steam on the main line 1989                                                                     PSOV

September                     The Settle & Carlisle Railway 

August                           Teddy Boston's films (1)                                                                             Audrey Boston

July                                Video of 5593 ‘Kholaphur'                                                                          Steve Warren (?)

June                               Burton & Ashby Light Railways                                                                 Joe Storer

May                                Quiz                                                                                                           Stuart Smith

April                               40 years of BR                                                                                           Rob Foxon

March                            Preserved steam film show                                                                        PSOV

February                        Archive ciné of BR steam                                                                           Peter Swift

January                         A review of main line steam in 1988                                                            PSOV


No reports available.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                      Steam 1939-64 including A4s in Scotland                                                Chris Pratt

November                      Railways during the war                                                                            Rob Foxon

October                          Life behind the driver                                                                                Martin Bromley

September                     Trans-Siberian experience                                                                         Don Watson


July                                The Midland Railway                                                                                  Stuart Smith

June                               Snow Hill Station                                                                                        Derek Harrison

May                                Preserved steam film show 

April                               Great Central Railway (particularly Lutterworth)                                        Martin Bromley

March                            Night Mail                                                                                                   David Kirk

February                        (Possibly: PSOV) 

January                         Railways in the Burton area including the breweries                                 Phil Stanbridge

No reports available.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       LMS remembered                                                                                    Rob Foxon

November                       Continental railways                                                                                 Joe Storer

October                          1930s steam loco working and preserved steam on BR                          Chris Pratt



July                                 Film show                                                                                                 Mike Richardson

June                                Film show                                                                                                 Bob Clegg

May                                 Slide show                                                                                                Peter Lockley

April                                Burton & Ashby Light Railways                                                                Joe Storer

March                             Railway films – the 1950s                                                                         Rob Foxon

February                         Railway films                                                                                             P Thorne

January                                                                                                                                            Brian Steele

No reports available.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       Railway preservations in Europe                                                              Bob Clegg

November                       (Cancelled due to the presenter’s illness) 

October                           Steam specials since 1972                                                                      Mike Whymant

September                      Modern traction night                                                                               Brian Steele

August                            Steam & Diesel 50% Steam 50% Diesel                                                   Chris Pratt

July                                 Films                                                                                                          Mike Richardson

June                                Films                                                                                                         Bob Clegg


April                                Film night                                                                                                   Brian Steele

March                             Film night                                                                                                   Chris Pratt

February                         More 16mm railway films                                                                           Brian Steele

January                          Selection of 16mm railway films                                                                 Brian Steele

No reports available.


MONTH                          TITLE                                                                                                        PRESENTER(S)

December                       Social evening 

November                       Archive film show 

November                       Midland Railway Centre                                                                           Bob Clegg

October                          (Railway speaker) 

September                      Archive films – Royal Mail and Jubilee rebuild at Crewe 

August                            Inaugural Meeting 

No reports available.

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